A Short History of Chimeneas from The Blue Rooster Company

Historicly chimeneas also spelled chiminea, have been made out of fired clay and used for heating and cooking. These traditional designs can be traced to Spain and it's influence on Mexico. The first use of a traditionally designed chimeneas appears around 400 years ago.

Traditional Clay Chimineas

The chimenea was once a daily life necessity that served a domestic purpose. The chiminea of the past was used indoors for heating and cooking, usually by an open window or in the center of the hut or home with an opening in the roof to allow smoke to escape. With the advent of the modern home, chimeneas are now used outdoors mainly for entertainment in a backyard setting. The chimenea popularity today is a reflection of the use of fire in human history and the draw of sitting at the campfire.

Clay was used in the production of traditional chimeneas because it is readily available and very inexpensive to produce. Most homes that used chimineas in the past had dirt floors so a broken clay chimenea was not a real crisis. Today, chimeneas are primarily used outdoors for entertaining.

Because of the exposure to elements and occasional usage, clay chimineas no longer serve as the material of choice. The lifespan of the newer Cast Iron and Aluminum design outdoor fireplaces and concern for safety has mostly replaced the traditional clay building techniques.

Rose Chimnea
Grape Style Chimenea
Venetian Style Chininea
Orchid Style Chiminea
Butterfly Outdoor Fireplace
Etruscan Outdoor Fireplace

Sun Chimenea

Gatsby Chimenea

Garden Chiminea
Pine chiminea
Cast Aluminum and Cast Iron Chimineas

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Visually, the Cast Aluminum and Cast Iron chimeneas look the same. They are the same thickness and cast from the same mold. Only the weight of the materials are different. Compared to Cast Iron Chimeneas, the Cast Aluminum chiminea will not rust, heats the same as Cast Iron, is very low maintenence, and is easier to move for a patio or entertaining re-arrangement.

The Aluminum chimenea is readily transported and can be easily stored in the winter time in the off season. (Chimenea storage is only recommended to prevent damage or theft. Both Cast Iron and Cast Aluminum chimineas are designed for year around use in any climate.)

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